Native Strategies Issue #4: Dispersions reception @ LACE. July 11th, 2014

Native Strategies: N (enter) S at LACE July 9 - July 31, 2014

Native Strategies: N (enter) S at LACE 
July 9 - July 31, 2014

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Native Strategies: N (enter) S installation at LACE

Native Strategies: N(enter) S
Curated by Brian Getnick, Tanya Rubbak, and Jules Gimbrone

Issue #4 Launch Party - Friday, July 11, 2014, 8PM
with performances by Robby Herbst, Addie Tinnell, Matias Viegener, Kate Durbin, Mark Anthony Johnson, and John Burtle. 

Music Issues Events: July 17, 18, 26, 27
Exhibition on view: July 9 - July 31, 2014

Native Strategies: N (enter) S installation at LACE is a Native Strategies issue come to life within three-dimensional space. Throughout their residency, Native Strategies will invite over 30 artists to perform in the LACE galleries and enact the process of producing a journal. Positioning people and their practices directly into each other’s orbits, the project’s model of research is to pay close attention to what is happening on the ground in Los Angeles and to represent the divergent ideologies, methods and wisdom of contemporary practitioners and investigating critics. The aim is to intersect diverse forms and ideas among artists from different regions, classes, and degrees of formal education, ethnicity and sexuality.


Thursday July 17
7pm-8pm - Chiara Giovando (MANKIND) & Christopher Routree
8pm–9pm - Luke Fischbeck & Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys)

Friday July 18
7pm-8pm - Jules Gimbrone & Erik Avery
8pm-9pm - David James Paha & Michael Anthony Ibarra
9pm-10pm - Archie Carey & Molly Allis (Bear Club)

Saturday July 26
1pm-2pm - Odeya Nini & Oscar Miguel Santos (Sister Mantos)
2pm-3pm - Dorian Wood & Claire Cronin

Sunday July 27
1pm-2pm - Todd Lerew, Lee Relvas, & Lauren Bousfield
2pm–3pm - Morgan Lee Gerstmar & Xina Xurner
3pm-4pm - Weba Garretson & Ingrid Lee

The N (enter) S installation is a Native Strategies issue come to life within three-dimensional space. Audiences can literally step into graphic design and observe the act of creating and archiving content in real time. 

The installation consists of three stages: 

Stage 1 is a mock television studio in which artists engage in dialog and perform with and for each other.

Stage 2 is a production desk where the document is created. The activities of research gathering, editing, and design are performed and projected. 

Stage 3 is the distribution center displaying NS journals, other related publications, and relevant research and reading materials.

Native Strategies: N (enter) S is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs. The Echo Park Film Center and Side Street Projects have generously donated equipment for the production of this installation.

Native Strategies #4 looks at artists who consider modes of communication as integral to their performance practices. Let’s consider the actions of sending, the anticipation of what we send off hitting its target (or landing softly in an ear), and the reverberations that contact makes as a discreet practice in itself. Let’s consider the aesthetics and efficacy of drones, people arranged in concentric circles, junk mailers, internet memes, and treatises nailed to the closed door of a church. 

While every artist considers how their ideas travel to audiences, the ones we’re talking look at communication, the audience’s response and the information that response returns with a particular self awareness and often with a subversive aim in sight. In light of this theme, we’re conducting our interviews live on K Chung Radio (1630 am) and are in the process of reworking our website so that all 10 of our issues (both published and in process) are built live on line. We thought up the term “live archive” about a year ago while working on Native Strategies #2 and now we’re putting it into practice.

Here’s the schedule. Tune in! 

Friday October 18th:
John Burtle 6:00

Friday October 25th:
Elana Mann 6:00
Addie Vuiton 7:00
Patrisse Marie Cullors-Brignac 8:00
A.L. Steiner 8:30

Friday November 1st:
Robert Herbst 6:00
Kate Durbin 7:00
Guan Rong and John Burtle 8:00
Matias Viegener 8:30 

*working title!

Native Strategies 4

Native Strategies 4

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